Custom Requests

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. -Oscar Wilde

I find it incredibly satisfying working directly with a fan to produce something special just for them (or, as often is the case, as a special gift to someone in their life.)  At the moment, there are a couple kinds of custom requests I take:

  • Heady customs of $1000 or more
  • Customs based on my flower arrangements, pendants, and vapor rig designs

If you’d like a custom, give me a general color scheme  (and flower species in the case of a flower arrangement) and I’ll run with it.  Depending on the complexity of the flower and coloring, an arrangement generally ranges from $300 (ex: white lily) – 450 .  Pendants generally range from $170-250.  Vapor rigs, $550-900.  A 50% deposit is required up front.

One thing I’ll be totally honest about: too much direction, too specific on the colors or details and it just won’t happen, no matter my best intentions.  Nonetheless, within these designs I love working on customs.

Contact me for a custom here.