Window of Opportunity Sale – Ends Saturday 11:59pm

Formally now, I am announcing my Window of Opportunity Sale. From now until 11:59pm Saturday, I'm offering two of my sculptures for 25% less than listed. Transaction must be complete by the deadline. See pics/info/prices below. Don't stop, don't think, just do. More pics and info here. I've been working pretty much straight for the last half a year and the funds will turn a great vacation into an awesome one. You have 5 days. Then they enter my "retirement fund". ;)


Puking Kitty Gravy Boat

UPDATE: It's a Kickstarter now!  It's a cat.  It's a gravy boat.  It's puking.  It's the first thing I've made for myself and I LOVE IT.  Inspired by the barfing squirrel gravy boat posted on Laughing Squid, I just had to make my own. Video after the jump.